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After getting burned out teaching high school in a tiny Alaskan town, I have moved on to being a child advocate in a small Alaskan town. The struggles are similar, but now I can buy milk at the store.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Local Weather

I would normally thow an appology in here. But really, we all know that I get like this in the summer.

As most of you know, the sun doesn't set for very long in Shishmaref this time of year. My mother's computer is well aware of this fact. We've been keeping track of where everyone is, and the temperatures in those respective places. I was just on the computer, at 12:30 am, and had to laugh out loud when I saw our local temperatures:

Yup, there's Shishmaref, still sporting blue skies and a bright yellow sun. Also, if you'll notice, it's 3 degrees warmer in Shish than in Sedro-Woolley right now. Of course, the sun is still up there. Once the sun comes up in Myrtle Beach and Provo, their numbers will start climbing. Shishmaref won't get much about 65 this week. I wish the same could be said for here, as I get REALLY lazy when it starts to heat up.

I am leaving Sedro-Woolley on Monday, and will be leaving Washington early Tuesday morning. My next post will probably be from Alaska. It's weird to think it went by so quickly.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

bad, bad poster

My appologies to anyone who has tried to look up my adventures. I promise pictures are coming, just not yet.

However, for a fun blog:

Rachel is amazing, and in the ward. Also, she's in an odd spot in her village. As a whitey, she's different from the locals, and as the wife of the trooper, she's not really part of the school scene. However, she feeds us ice cream while we're there, and isn't that what really matters? (no, but also, a little bit yes.)

Rachel has some awesome pictures of Unalakleet, where the district office is.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Trip Summary

Okay, I am currently in Canada, but the cord for my camera is in Sedro-Woolley. So for now, no new pictures. I will say this: Global Warming Sucks. Or, more accuratly: "Can't we just go to the pool?"