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After getting burned out teaching high school in a tiny Alaskan town, I have moved on to being a child advocate in a small Alaskan town. The struggles are similar, but now I can buy milk at the store.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. This princess went on many adventures, and fought many dragons. She had many loyal and faithful friends who helped her on her adventures, and made them exciting and wonderful.

One day, she was invited on an adventure by a fellow princess, who turned out to be a dragon in disguise. The princess was very sad, and didn't feel safe. She spent a lot of that adventure counting down the days until she could return to the castle, and let other people keep her safe. While she was on that adventure, she found out that there was trouble at home. The king had fallen under a spell, and there was nothing the princess could do to fix it.

When the princess was able to, she ran home as quickly as she could, and helped care for the king and queen, who, in turn, loved her unconditionally. There were some small adventures while the princess was back at the castle, but they mostly ended with her back at the castle. While it was nice to be at the castle, and nice to have people around who loved her unconditionally, the princess knew that she couldn't continue to stay there forever. 

The princess bought a new steed, a beautiful blue steed with an extended cab and 4-wheel drive. The princess was very proud of her steed. She also studied under some very wise men, and was able to finish her education. 

The princess realized that the king didn't need her help anymore, so she headed off on another adventure, leaving her new steed behind, because he couldn't follow her through the mountains she had to traverse to get to her new destination. Instead, he was going to get on a barge and meet her the following spring.

I wrote that part yesterday, but I just can't get myself back into the mood to write the rest of the story that way. (No more Nyquil, probably) so I'll just give the current update:

My job is going really well. I adore the other three women in my office. I feel like I'm doing good in the world. Also, when I get lost, I just have to remind myself that I went to school for 4 years and did a semester of student teaching before I was able to teach students, so I shouldn't worry if there are things I don't understand after 3 months.

I am having a really good time in Nome. I've been to several events hosted by the Nome Arts Council, including an open mic night where I recited The Road Not Taken. I'm also taking piano lessons, and while I'm not a naturally gifted player, I'm doing okay. 

Also, I'm in the middle of buying a house. It's 3 bedroom, and has a rental cabin in the back. My offer has been officially accepted, and tomorrow the inspector and I go through it, to make sure it's okay. Then it's just down to the finance guys, and I get to move in on Valentines Day. So that's exciting.