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Sunday, October 23, 2011

You're from Shishmaref if. . .

Hello devoted fans. I would start this post out with an apology for not writing more often, but that is a slippery slope of turning every post into a list of apologies. 

There is a new Facebook group, entitled "You know you're from Shishmaref if. . ." and there are some funny ones, and some that I just look at and say, "Huh?" 

I recently returned from three days in Anchorage, and there's nothing like ANC to show me just how different living out here really is. So I thought I'd share a couple things I remembered during that trip.

You know you're from Shishmaref if:

-you write town names as their airport codes instead of names. SHH, WBB, KTS, UNK, OME, etc.

-you don't think it's weird to try to play with random kids at Wal-Mart, because you're allowed to play with all the kids at the stores at home.

-you can't go through the Anchorage Airport without seeing someone you know. 

-you walk up to a stranger at McDonalds, and ask: "Can I sit with you?" because you're not used to eating alone.

-you gripe that someone bought out all the 12 inch tortillas, and then buy all the 9 inch.

-you take a quick shower at the hotel, then remember that they're not rationing their water, and take another one.

-you find that you've forgotten you ATM PIN number, because you never need it.

-you forget that people need to see I.D. (I don't think I've ever been asked for ID in SHH. Not for check cashing, not for voting, not when giving my statement to the police.)

-you see a hotel clerk help carry a woman's tiny carry-on while you shoulder your own 45 lb bag. 

Okay, that's about all I've got for now. I might add more later if I think of anything. Thanks for your patience between posts.