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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

End of the Year

The end of the school year is upon us. And, because everything is more fun in an educational setting than a business setting, we got to have an assembly today.

Lani and Erick were recognized for their year of service.

John Bruce was recognized for his time in Shishmaref.

John Sinnok, who has just finished his 40th year got a movie about him, a plaque, and a brand new sled. It's a pretty awesome sled. It was made by the shop classes, and is large, wooden, and made to pull behind his snow machine.

Also, since this is my last year in Shishmaref, I received a little recognition. And something to commemorate my time. I'm sure you've all realized by now that I'm not the plaque kind of girl. In fact, when I was asked by a friend a while ago what I wanted, I told her and she laughed at me.

But that didn't stop them from getting it for me. Behold:


The circle says "Excellence in Teaching" and the bottom plaque says: 

In Recognition of Your Excellence in Teaching

And it is awesome.