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After getting burned out teaching high school in a tiny Alaskan town, I have moved on to being a child advocate in a small Alaskan town. The struggles are similar, but now I can buy milk at the store.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Life update

Happy August, everyone. So, what's an Alaskan teacher to do in the summertime in Washington? I'm thinking of my post from last summer that has every other line item as "look for work." This will be very similar:

-Look for work
-Procrastinate working on Masters Thesis
-Look for work
-Go to Portland to visit Amy Cellar!
-Swim laps
-Look for work
-Grandpa's 80th Birthday Party!
-Swim laps
-Look for work
-Single adult conference (Hi Steve!)
-Swim laps
-Get rejection phone call from interview
-ignore looking for work
-ignore classes
-be a bit depressed
-continue to swim laps
-support parents after dad's heart bypass
-get out of funk
-work on thesis
-swim laps
-apply for jobs
-get letter of rejection for a job I didn't apply for
-sleep study. Worst night ever.
-frantically work on thesis
-Swim laps
-turn in thesis, find that there are no jobs open right now, pool is closed for a week.

-now what?