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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Nome supplies

Here is a barge very similar to the one that brought my truck up in the spring:
Mine had, among other things, a couple boats, a camper, and a giant pile of lumber on it. This one seems to be mostly containers.

Here is a tanker. It may be bringing us our winter gas. Right now, because of hunting season, gas is on sale from $6.10 down to $5.97. We were all thrilled, and filled up our cars.

My guess is this: Gas doesn't go on sale. It doesn't have to. There are two places in town to buy it, and it's the same price at both. I'm guessing that the tanker is here to fill up the storage tanks, and they realized there was too much gas in them from last winter, so they're trying to sell off the old stuff before they fill up the tanks with the new stuff. But that's just a guess.

This guy has been sitting out on the horizon for several days. It must be frustrating for the men on the boat to know that they're this close to restaurants, pretty girls, and beds that don't rock, and still not be able to come in.

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